This is a sub company from my other web site: psquarescents.com.

I created this business to focus more on my craft and on my personal earth-based spiritualism, as well to offer the consumer an alternative to relying on large corporations that use mass-production methods and unnecessary chemical additives for their products.

I also believe using bees wax in your spiritual candles is a must!

I believe some candle makers use cheap wax but charge a premium price. I try to keep my prices down and give my customers a great product.

My many soap and candle crafts vary in design, size, style, color and fragrance and are made using soy, paraffin, and bees' wax for the candles. For the soap I use high quality oils and glycerin soaps with honey and bees wax. I also offer unscented (or naturally scented) products made with a mixture of soy, bees wax, various oils and herbs.